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Bishop Designate, JC Henderson
The Reverend Dr. Jermaine Carl Henderson was born  on the twenty third day of September, in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn, New York. As a young man, he decided that he would be one of those persons who would participate in the rebuilding, reclaiming, and reviving of his community.
Jermaine graduated from Erasmus Hall Academy High School in Brooklyn, New York, with a State Regents Diploma. He attended New York City Technical College, The University of Phoenix and later earned a Diploma of Biblical Studies from The Ames School of Ministry, and in August of 2012 earned a Doctorate of Theology degree from Next Dimension School of Theology. 
Dr. Henderson was formerly employed at a Nonprofit International Community Development Agency (Upper Room Human Service Agency), where he worked his way up the hierarchy from a Community Worker to the elevated position of Program Director, as well as the Interboro Funeral Service. 
The pressing realities of his community made it clear to him that there was an interdependent relationship between the church and community. This experience marked the beginning of effective witnessing and service to God. 
His service in ministry began as a child at the Devoe Street Baptist Church under the leadership of Dr. Walter L. Parrish III. Feeling even more inspired by God to complete his task, he began seeking the Lord’s guidance and after a period of faithful service Jermaine preached his initial sermon in November of 1992. He received his official ordination to ministry in 2001. 
After ministry induction Reverend Henderson founded the Daybreak Outreach Crusade which is now known as JC Henderson Ministries Inc. This Outreach ministry has afforded Rev. Henderson the opportunity to conduct annual college crusades with the students of both Voorhees and Denmark Technical College both located in Denmark South Carolina. Because of the success of these meetings he has been called upon by  Howard University as well as local Community Colleges in the Metropolitan New York area to help plan and execute similar campus crusades.
Reverend Henderson is known not just for his preaching ministry, but for his humanitarian efforts . As the former Program Director of the Upper Room Human Service Agency, he was responsible for providing food, clothes, and other human services to more than five thousand persons on a monthly basis. 
In 2010 the New York Daily News did a cover story praising Reverend Henderson for all of the work that he has accomplished with the feeding of the hungry and other humanitarian acts in his community. Not only does he meet the natural need of those he serves, but he touches their spirit as well.
 In 2008 he implemented  a midweek “Hour of Power” worship service and he was afforded the opportunity to minister to hundreds of people at eleven o’clock every Wednesday morning. This service was and still is the paramount of everything that he does from a social service aspect. It has produced miracles, signs, and wonders.
The preaching ministry of Reverend Henderson has allowed him to transcend denominational borders. He has been afforded the opportunity to minister to many different people from many different walks of life. Reverend Henderson has served as the Associate Pastor of his home church, Upper Room Full Gospel Baptist Church since 2002. He also served as an Associate Pastor of the Bushwick Parish United Methodist Church. Reverend Henderson served the Full Gospel Baptist Church Fellowship on three levels, Regional (Regional Administrator) State (State Executive Administrator) District (Administrative Assistant to the District Overseer). Reverend Henderson is in the process of writing his first literary work entitled “ The Servant’s Secret”. Reverend Jermaine Henderson has been the recipient of various civic and religious commendations and awards from elected officials and community organizations.
His passion to empower the young and old, expanded Rev. Henderson’s vision, thus he established the Amityville Redevelopment Corporation. A not for profit agency that serves as a subsidiary to the Faith Deliverance Christian Center. This program will umbrella all of the socio-economic programs as well as the following: After school Tutoring and Mentorship Program, GED Program, Pre-School and Nursery, Faith Bible Institute, and other educational programs that will be geared toward educating and empowering believers on the edicts of God and the abundant life one can receive.
The paramount of Reverend Henderson's life and ministry occurred on December 24, 2012 the eve of Christmas when the ministry of Faith Deliverance Christian Center was born. He along with the foundational 9 sat and established this work of The Lord and from that time to this the ministry has supernaturally flourished.
Faith Deliverance Christian Center -Touching, Teaching & Transforming Lives.
Minister Steven Jackson
Steven Jackson has possessed a recognizable calling on his life from the time he was a toddler. For most of his life, he focused more on music and scholastics, playing the saxaphone, singing, and always staying near the top of his class. Steven preached his first sermon during a series put together by his spiritual father, Elder Jeff Roberson, called "Stir Up The Gift". A few years later, in February of 2012, Steven was licensed by his home church Faith Baptist Cathedral under his then pastor Rev. Joe Brown. He led praise and worship; directed both the adult and younth mass choirs.
Recently, The Lord led him to Faith Deliverance Christian Center (FDCC) in November of 2013 under the pastorial leadership of Overseer, Dr. Jermaine Henderson. He was placed again as the praise and worship leader. Minister Steven was called to deliver a sermon in his message, "I'm Better Broken" at our Thursday Night Touch(TNT) service and in February 2014 he was again licensed as a minister under FDCC. He was appointed as the Youth Minister at FDCC in April of 2014.

You can visit FDCC in Long Island to hear the word of God from Overseer Henderson or at other locations throughout the U.S. by clicking the following link. #FDCCRoadTrip