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Executive Pastor Kim Hargwood


Tuesday Nights at 7 pm EST


DIAL 858.375.5558 or 805.309.0111

Access Code #402536


Share your victory for answered prayer and request prayer on this call or complete our request form. To be added to our prayer list on our Sunday program, call 631.408.8669 

Chairman of Deacons: Deacon James

                     Email: James.H@FDCCenter.org

 Men's Ministry: Men Of Issachar


Scripture*: 1 Chronicles 12:32......And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do; the heads of them were two hundred; and all their brethren were at their commandment. *King James Version

Women's Ministry: Girl, I Have Issues Too!!


Mission Statement: Girl, I Have Issues Too is our women's fellowship ministry that was birth through a vision that God had given Minister Kim four years ago. The purpose of this ministry was to open up an outlet for women alike to have a place to share everyday issues to pray and fellowship but most of all th be healed and delivered.

Outreach Ministry


Mission Statement:  To bring God's people closer to Him by reaching out to all who are in need. To bridge the gap between the needs of this world and the need of the spirit.


Vision Statement: In doing so, we strive to embody the characteristics of Jesus,The Christ by meeting the natural needs of his people. 

Youth Ministry: R3 Youth Ministry

                         Redeemed, Restored, Regenerated


Young people in todays society face peculiar difficulties. The R3 Youth Ministry seeks to strengthen our young people by directly addressing these issues in a safe, judgment free, Godly environment. We seek to teach our youth........

Dance Ministry


Mission Statement: To minister through dance as a form of evangelism so that God may be glorified, that people may be saved, and we draw the people of God to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

Music Ministry

Praise & Worship: Minister Steven

                                    Email: Steven.J@FDCCenter.org

Assimilation Ministry: Church Administrator -Sister Juanita 

            Email: Juanita.H@FDCCenter.org

  • Missing In Fellowship [ M.I.F. ]

Hospitality Ministry: Sister Leslie & Sister Debbie

Discipleship Ministry: Deacon Thomas

           Email: Thomas.M@FDCCenter.org

Special Projects Ministry: Sister Nadean 

                   Email: Nadean.G@FDCCenter.org

Seed & Harvest Ministry:

Sister Voncele -Email: Voncele.H@FDCCenter.org

Sister Leslie -   Email: Leslie.M@FDCCenter.org

Sister Natoya

Sister Aleigha B. (Junior Trustee in Training)

Media Communication: 

The Kingdomedia Ministry

Website*Social Networking*Photography


The Kingdomedia Ministry's created purpose stands as an ambassador for Christ using the instruments of today's world. To speak to those who don't know his word and those who have accepted our Lord but understand they must continue growing in him by continually seeking him. To express and witness through our website, social media, marketing, tv-video, and audio, the spirit of excellence and discernment within FDCC.

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